Thianula N keur 4847 geb. 2000

Thianula N is, like the successful breeding stallions Quite Easy, Quantum and Quite Capitol, a product of the well-tested combination Quidam de Revel with a Holstein mare. Quidam de Revel (Jalisco B) acquired world fame in 1992 with his performance at the Barcelona Olympics, where, under Hervé Godignon, he won team bronze and claimed an individual fourth place. In addition, Quidam de Revel increasingly dominates showjumping horse breeding world wide through his sons Guidam, Tlaloc M, Quantum and Nabab de Reve. Dam Hinula (Landgraf I) is herself a full sister to the famous stallions Lancer I, II and III. Lancer II, in particular, managed to become a distinguished sire, with internationally jumping products such as Hidden Creek’s Angel, Lucy May and San Patrignano Lancerina. Under Toni Hassmann Lancer III was successful at international level in the showjumping sport. In combination with Nimmerdor dam Hinula produced the licensed stallion No Limit, who is serving German breeding under several studbooks. This wide-branched Holstein lineage 4847 also produced the international showjumping horses White Jumper (Ben Schröder), Cher (Piet Raymakers), Carlos Boy (Jurgen Kurz) and Classic Woman (Markus Renzel) as well as the stallions Hinault, Lados, Landsberg, Lord Cantus, Candostro, Lican and L’Esprit, champion of the KWPN stallion selection in 2006.

Thianula N








































Pedigree of:

Thianula N keur 4847 geb. 2000

H.Quidam De Revell


H.Alme Z

M.Tanagra SF


H.Nankin SF

M.Ondine De Baugy

M.Hinula Elite 4748


H.Ladykiller xx


M.Inula st.4847


M.Nachtblume st. 4847